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Stone mastic plug expansion joints (SMEJ) for movements from 10 to 60mm.
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FORMOSHOV – silent vehicle passage, safety, durability.
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Patented expansion joint system

FORMOSHOV Expansion Joints: Crushed Stone and Mastic Plug Expansion Joints (asphalt plug joints) are recommended for use by the State Committee of Construction of Russia since 2003 for all climatic zones, including areas with extreme weather conditions.

The joints comply with the ODM 218.2.025-2012 Requirements on "Expansion joints of bridge structures on motorways. Federal Road Agency 2012."

FORMOSHOV expansion joints can be used for bridge structures of any motorways and can sense the movement of end sections from 10 to 60 mm. Some of the asphalt plug joints whose design is similar to that of FORMOSHOV are Thorma-Joint BJ (UK) and Nafutekt Plus (Germany).

Thorma-Joint BJ (UK) and Nafutekt Plus (Germany), which close in terms of their characteristics to FORMOSHOV, are designed for use in European climatic zones and are also used in Russia.

The structure of the FOMOSHOV expansion joints uses the special ULTRASHOV binder, whose performance characteristics are superior to those of its equivalents, such as the binders BJ-200 super and Nafutekt Plus, as well as the ULTRASTONE mixture of cubiform crushed stone that was specially selected according to the grain size and then treated with a unique polymeric composition. Thanks to the special treatment of each particle of the ULTRASTONE granite mixture, the FORMOSHOV crushed stone and mastic mixture becomes uniform, which completely eliminates the risk of its cracking and partial destruction of the FORMOSHOV joint during its use, unlike similar structures using washed crushed stone or made of low-quality/not certified materials in an artisan way.

  • Produced since 2002.
  • More than 14000 rm of FORMOSHOV expansion joints have been installed and in service since 2002
  • Developed in FSUE «SoyuzDorNII» by the leading experts
  • Delivered at place in the Russian Federation and all over the world
  • Service under harsh environmental conditions (Yakutsk -52°C), (the Republic of Guinea, West Africa, +31°C), (Spain +48°C)
Horizontal movement capacity
up to 60mm ( +/- 30mm)
Vertical movement capacity
+/- 5mm
Installation depth
from 50mm to 220mm
Installation width (depending on movements)
500 mm (acceptable from 250mm up to 1300mm)
Operating temperature
from – 57°С to + 55°С
Warranty on the original installation
up to 6 years
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Manufacturer’s Warranty
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