Mastics and polymer-bituminous binders

Production of binders

Over 15 years, we have been producing bitumen-polymer materials for road, industrial and civil construction.

Our products are superior to their equivalents presented on the today's market of construction materials in terms of characteristics and quality.

All products meet all the requirements of GOST and industry standards and even exceed them in most indicators.

In addition to the items produced according to our own designs, we can produce items according to the Customer's designs/formulas with customized performance characteristics.

Our production facilities would like offer the following materials:

- bituminous polymer binders (BPB) based on SBS block copolymers;

- complex organic binders (COB);

- mastics and compositions for filling construction joints and cracks in any coatings;

- priming and impregnating compositions for road construction and repair of asphalt concrete;

- compositions and impregnating compositions such as Dorsan and Slurry Seal

- high-solid anionic bitumen emulsions (ABE) and cationic bitumen emulsion (CBE);

- ULTRAMAST and ULTRAMOST sprayed waterproofing liquid rubber

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Manufacturer’s Warranty
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