ULTRAMOST is a two-component system that can be applied by mechanical means with a special airless spraying waterproofing is applied with a two-channel sprayer equipped with special nozzles. Bridges are complex engineering structures, whose reliable operation depends not only on the correct design, but also on the quality of its materials that must ensure the required service life of the structure. One of the reasons for premature breakage of such structures is the destruction of concrete and corrosion of reinforcement plates/beams of superstructures due to the unsatisfactory state of waterproofing. waterproofing of bridges must comply with the requirements of SNiP2.05.03-84* Bridges and Pipes "VSN 32-81" "Instructions for waterproofing of Bridges and Pipes on Motorways and Railways". However, the requirements for amp-proofing of bridge structures contained in these documents, solutions for the design and technology of road pavement, and waterproofing materials cannot provide reliable protection of reinforced concrete load-bearing structures from corrosive damage by water and dissolved salts penetrating through the pavement.

At present, four main types of materials are used for waterproofing the bridge and road bed of transport structures:

  • Roll-welded or surface waterproofing;

  • "Hot" and "cold" waterproofing mastics;

  • Roll-mastic waterproofing;

  • Bituminous-latex emulsions (liquid rubbers).

However, in practical terms, roll-welded waterproofing is the most often used in the construction and repair of bridges and motorways, which is about 85% of the total number of structures, thus only 15% of the market remains available for new technologies. To change the situation and solve this global problem, we decided to manufacture a special crack-preventing layer for road surface waterproofing, thanks to which asphalt concrete or cast asphalt could be laid directly onto the surface of the material.

The main challenge of sheet-applied weld waterproofing membranes was, is and will be the problem of incomplete adhesion. In real practice, about 20-40% of membrane surface area remain non-adherent and that is the norm for sheet-applied membranes! Performing waterproofing membrane bonding becomes a huge concern and the installation stuff make start to fabricate their own techniques and methods to install waterproofing coupling. In the issue, some have better results, some have worse ones, but the result is always the same: it is impossible to achieve 100% of waterproofing membrane adhesion.

As a result of using obsolete technology, we have notoriously bad roads and still the same problems. In addition to these there is another issue. The base of sheet-applied welded membranes is a binder with rather high brittle temperature (as low as -15°C). It is not low enough for Russian climate.

The torch-applied waterproofing membrane technique is used to install sheet welded membranes (the flame temperature is 1100°C). The polymer (SBS) contained in the composition of sheet-applied membranes results in burning up at temperature higher than 180°C, which cannot help but causes important decrease in performance characteristics of waterproofing covering. Even if the best sheet-applied welded waterproofing materials (according to manufacture’s statement and product specifications) are used, it is particularly difficult to maintain the appropriate heat required for installation and the polymer burns up here and there, in some places more and in some places less. As a result, we have got a waterproofing layer of bitumen and it is only adhered in spots.

It is important not to forget butt joints between adjacent waterproof sheets. It is well known that any joint is a potential hazard of discontinuity in waterproofing. There are too many of them when using sheet-applied membranes. Consider, that over the area of 1000m2 there are more than 1300 rm of seams (indeed it is about 1.5km). How can we guarantee in this case that a tired installer pays all the necessary attention to each centimeter of these 1.5km?

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