Expansion joints of MMSH OP and MMSH MP series comprising different types of profiles with a rubber seal

The structure of the expansion joint includes steel edges of various sections (Z, F and C) fixed on the connected structural elements of the bridge, and a rubber (neoprene) compensator fixed in the edges with dovetail joints. In addition, expansion joints of the MMSH SP series also use -intermediate beams with rubber expansions fixed on both ends. The intermediate beam is mounted on traverses. whose ends are placed in the niches of the connected elements and can move freely in the longitudinal direction. Deformations of compensators are synchronized by special devices attached to edges of the longitudinal beam. The plane-view and side-face lengths of the sections, the outline of the bordering elements and the longitudinal beam are determined by the configuration of the motorway and sidewalks of the bridge structure. To move the mating elements up to 120 mm, you can use expansion joints MMSH OP-50,80,100,120 that have flexible rubber compensators embedded in the metal edges at the level of the asphalt concrete surfacing (the closest equivalents to this expansion joint are Mauer expansion joints manufactured by Maurer Soёhne, Mageba and the K8, OP-DSH expansion joints). The proposed design differs from its equivalents, as it uses the dovetail system for the compensator sealing and metal parts with sections machined from a metal sheet. Edge metal structures are embedded in the concrete of the superstructure and/or abutment with cast anchors or welded to the metal superstructure slab with an orthotropic bridge.


To move the mating elements from 160 to 320 mm, you can use modular expansion joints MMSH MP 160, 200, 240, 280, 320. As the proposed structures use simple mechanical movement synchronizers, they are easy to manufacture and highly reliable in contrast to some other imported expansion joints. Apart from that, that have all the advantages of imported expansion joints such as noiselessness, tightness, etc.

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ММШ+PrasCrete Using praSCrete transition areas or TBJ transition areas (Transition Butt Joint) is recommended to protect the steel expansion joint systems of MMSH series (Maurer type) and to extend their service life. The polymer composition of praSCrete is analogous to Wabo Crete II and Strelax. The SEGMC is TBJ analogue.

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D 320
ММШ МП D 240
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