TBJ – Transition Butt Joint

Transition areas of bridge expansion joints
TBJ – Transition Butt Joint
TBJ - strong security of the expansion joints from the impact blow
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TBJ - silent, impactless vehicle passage
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TBJ - reliable design for the protection of the expansion joints
TBJ - to extend the service life of the bridge expansion joints
TBJ - protection of the steel expansion joints
TBJ (transition butt joint) without repair.
Common problems in bridge expansion joint areas

• TBJ (transition butt joint) without repair. Impact and formation of a track in the expansion joint area;

• Destruction of the abutment of the road pavement to the structure of the expansion joint;

• Weak adhesion and non-compaction of asphalt concrete in the area adjacent to the expansion joint;

• Effect of salts, aggressive waters, leaks in the area of the expansion joint.


A reliable to solution to the problem of expansion joint destruction is the use of TBJ transition areas.


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  • TBJ transition areas are developed by the leading experts of the Bridges Laboratory of SoyuzDorNII R&D Institute.
  • Delivery of components to any point of the Russian Federation and the world; Customer consultation
  • Quick and partial repair in case of local damage
  • 20,000 linear meters in operation since 2002.
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TBJ – reliability, quality, attractive price

TBJ Scope of Application


• For transition areas between expansion joints and road pavement

• Grouting of expansion (contraction) joints in various structures

• Reduction of dynamic vehicle impact on the structure of expansion joints

• Prevention of rutting in the area of expansion joints

• For leveling and protective layer during repair and restoration of expansion joints

• For areas adjacent to railways at railway crossings

• Repair and restoration of edges of concrete and steel structures and consoles.


Target use: for bridge structures, artificial structures of traffic facilities, parking lots, railway crossings and areas adjacent to railways.


The TBJ transition butt joint consists of the ULTRAPREN high-quality bitumen-polymer binder and the ULTRASTONE mixture of cubiform crushed granite stone that was specially selected according to the grain size and then treated with a unique polymeric composition.


Accessories for the installation of the TBJ joints are supplied in the following batches:

ULTRAPRENbriquette with anti-adhesive coating - 15 kg.    ULTRASTONE – bag - 25 kg.

WP_000014     ultrapren box           Щебень Ультрастоун
  • Reliable protection of the expansion joint from destruction
  • Increasing the repair-free service life of the expansion joint up to 10 years
  • Quick and easy installation, manufacturer's warranty
  • Low cost of materials and installation
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Manufacturer’s Warranty
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